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This team has been driven by a simple phrase: ABC – Always Be Closing! Their first customers came in before the company was even established or any coding done. The guys didn’t even have their own website, or any other mark of the company’s existence. Those few customers became hundreds, and the original few are still on board. But honestly, what more can you expect from a startup with a mentality of always having fun. Treanglo is giving consumers a fun and easy way to come up with things to do for themselves and their friends. Through the platform, they can find the best events and places in town, invite their friends along and buy tickets for the whole group – with just a few taps on their smartphone.

The idea for Treanglo originated from a thesis written by Arttu Väisänen (Sales MGR) and Kassu La Habana Reyes (CEO), and the idea was BIG. It was about combining all the social media and all the webstores together. They pitched, but the idea was shot down every time. They understood that he had make the idea smaller and smaller, scale it down to a simple form that is understandable for everyone. From there came the idea for, which combined an event calendar and online ticket selling to one platform, starting with events for students. Now, the startup is ready to expand the business abroad and go global. Their aim is to be a leading program planning platform in % years and to unlock amazing experiences for people around the world. Experiences they will remember their whole life. “Flux has provided us a nice atmosphere for both working and networking. If you want to start to build your company culture, Flux gives you a nice space for that. And the free coffee definitely helps in keeping us coming back!”


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