Siru Mobile

Wallet inside your phone

Welcome to the revolution of the payment collection arena of merchants and customers. Siru Mobile leverages the power of cellular technology to enable businesses to reach out and market to previously untapped demographics. It opens a whole new way of doing business with simply a click of a button! The Siru Mobile payment solution allows customers to pay for products & services via a mobile phone — no credit card, Internet connection, POS terminals or bank accounts are required.

Siru Mobile is an international company based in Helsinki that specializes in mobile payment solutions. Since the beginning, the free-spirited startup team has place their values and vision on the same ideology that their technology represents – flexibility and trust. It manifests in everything they do. The company does not have an office so that they are able to work whenever, wherever they choose. If you want to spend a few months in the sun in Asia, or hit the slopes in the Alps, that is cool by the company – it's even encouraged! As long as tasks are being done, you can do them wherever you choose to. This is a mentality worth striving for – and a mentality that boosts results.


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