Forget about the receipts

The greatest stories usually start unexpectedly. For Scrooge, it was a group of friends on a skiing trip, fed up with the hassle of continuously trying to split costs evenly. One week’s trip ended up being two weeks’ worth of locating receipts and scratching heads with Excel calculations. Suddenly, an idea was born. Why push friendships to their limits like this? Let’s rather create a simple system to do all the awkward money handling for them. Scrooge the Fair Splitting App remembers who paid, who owes who, and even reminds users about paying back their debts.

To make big things happen, a lot of hard work and a lot of exposure for luck is needed. The latter means that you should tell your story as many times as you can, and eventually you will find the right people to hear it. For the founders of Scrooge, success is not taking the world over during one night. It is a process of reaching one step at a time. Getting a product ready, finding and closing right partnerships, and most importantly, happy users are all little pieces of success during the journey. Scrooge, a project that started out as a hobby, quickly got out of hand. With the help of user feedback, multiple iterations and a user study by Aalto University Finland, Scrooge app is now ready to conquer the market.


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