Radiating information

When you can’t find the right tool you need, you just got to create it yourself. This is a story of a classic “scratch your own itch” type of success. With a history of managing complex software projects, the trio of techies behind Screenful wanted to create a product that would offer a solution to their own work – a solution that turns data into information effortlessly, while also being visually stunning. Screenful was born. This interface integrates with the most commonly used task management tools (such as Jira, Trello, or Pivotal Tracker), and creates visual dashboards and automated reports that can easily be shared with others.

Screenful is a master example of a startup with simply such a kick-ass concept that it grows by only word-of-mouth. Screenful has managed to attract more than 100 customers in the US alone, including several stock-listed companies, without a single sales or marketing person in the team of three techies. They’re well on their way to realize their ultimate goal of being the leader of Business Analytics domain. Still, this startup is not after quick cash-out, but rather aiming to create a long-lasting company where people enjoy working. In the end, they’re just a group of dreamers – chasing a vision of a world where no-one has to go looking for information, but the right information comes to them at the right time without distractions – and not from a single device, but from everywhere, via whatever crazy display technologies the future brings us. “We enjoy the space and the atmosphere at Flux. The combination of lively shared-spaces and more peaceful in-house startup rooms is a good concept. It allows focused work when needed and the ability to meet new people.”


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