The algorithm of a perfect row

Quiske is on a mission to make the world of competitive rowing better – one stroke at a time. Their intricate technology system, which measures rowing technique in detail, will have a huge impact on rowing performance, and subsequently the whole sport. The Quiske Rowing Performance System consists of the Rowing Performance App and a sensor that together can measure, analyze and provide real time feedback on rowing technique. This is a startup with a vision to enable anyone to learn the perfect way to row.

When a bunch of rowers, physicists and engineers come together, great things happen. Some might not see athletes and mathematicians match well, but this unique combination of talents has completed each other towards unprecedented ideation. Even though the members of Quiske are new to the concept of entrepreneurship, they’ve managed to build a very solution-oriented company culture. With an eye to the beauty of simplicity and style, they have created a world-class rowing performance system that helps user with countless ways to unlock their full rowing potential. And as a living proof of their own innovation, the team continuously puts their own system to the test. Coincidentally, though lightweight and all above the age of 40, these guys won a series of medals in the last year’s Finnish rowing championships, all because of their own technology.


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