Out of the corporate zone

The three co-founders of Lumoa, Johanna, Suvi and Carlos had been building customer experience measurement and management system for Nokia and later for Microsoft. Both companies needed a robust system to process very large amounts of feedback in dozens of languages. The team members had been thinking about how cool it would be to utilize their learnings, and to go and do something bigger, different, and completely their own. They knew, it was essential to make the data actionable despite of its large volume, and to provide the most outstanding customer experience. They decided that it was time to step out of the corporate world.

It’s been said that customer experience is the next most important source of competitive advantage. Companies will need to start managing their customer experience systematically to succeed. When Johanna, Suvi and Carlos left Microsoft, they knew that they wanted to help companies identify and solve problems in a faster, cheaper and easier way than ever before. Lumoa was established. During the company’s pilot phase, the response was extremely positive. Now, the enthusiastic group behind Lumoa is fearlessly embarking on an international journey, with the glimmering goal of leading the customer experience management in Europe shining in a (not so far) distance. Flux provides a great combination of energetic atmosphere and a good space to get work done. And the coffee is great!”


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