Stop to boring websites

The age of the Business Card website is getting to an end. It’s time to start making websites which serve. The magicians behind Kwork have built the easiest way to integrate digital services on existing or new websites. The guys were getting kind of sick with the design-heavy, boring sites. They wanted to create something beautiful – yet functional. Kwork delivers websites that work as an integral customer service and sales channel. It is a completely new way to build digital services based on thin servers and platforms and API’s.

Kwork might be the only startup who have had more challenges with developing their unique technology than with finding clients. The time is good for service digitalization tools. And maybe it also has something to do with the mentality behind the company. They believe that challenges are simply illusions created by not getting the results they set themselves in their minds. For them, it’s important to separate action from results. They focus on doing and learning. This approach is the key element in fostering new ideas, sharing knowledge – and ultimately finding success. Learn by doing, because knowing is not enough for anything. To master things, you must make attempts and get the real-life feedback.


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