Koukoi Games

Sophisticated strategy meets playful ideology.

Want to see a mobile force of nature that can only be found in Finnish game development? This is Koukoi games – a company built upon the courage and stamina of a group of stubborn talents born and raised in the harsh northern environment. The polished wide-appeal releases of Koukoi Games suck players straight into the world of imagery. The precision and motivation of a startup of hungry young lions is breaking the presumptions and preconceptions of the industry with world-class game mechanics, artwork, coding, and full-scale audio and media production. And the end result? Truly memorable in-game experiences.

When you combine a committed group of people with a shared vision of what good games are all about and vast international experience from major companies of the industry, you level up to the new epic standard of game quality. Koukoi lives and breathes the sweet pursuit of a dream. Their work for a common cause has set off an endeavor that just can’t be curbed. Nothing is done by chance. Sure, hitting a home run in the terrain of mobile games can be obtained by luck, but Koukoi Games thinks that luck can be affected, and even made. For this startup, success is a destination you intend to take, not something you just stumble about.


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Koukoi Games