Roll up your sleeves – the revolution of 3D modelling is in your hands.

This is Grib – probably the hottest and the most promising startup in Finland at the field of 3D modelling. It’s what you would call a designer’s dream come true - a solution which is a combination of hardware and software. You can use Grib to designing digitally in real space, with your hands – with no need for 3D software skills. It’s overall one of the easiest and intuitivist 3D experience to date. But what more can you expect from a trio of creative, ambitious entrepreneurs focused on excellence and co-creation? The guys do have over 55 years of experience in design combined.

To truly step out of the box, you need to think beyond the traditional and hook up with the revolutionary. The three creatives behind Grib wanted to establish a completely new level to 3D modelling, so they decided to put down the pen and paper and take matters into their own hands. By combining software and hardware, Grib are creating a radical innovation with a device that has the possibility to transform whole industries, and become the next phenomenon in just a few years from now. And it’s not just a niche product for professionals - the startup’s goal is to make 3D modelling available to virtually everyone. Grib is bringing us a cloud-based software that turns any mobile device into a universal controller.


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