Get Jenny

The next generation of customer support

Jenny is the girl every company should have in their staff – an AI that brings a whole new, innovative layer to customer service infrastructure making things roll easy with smart automation. This is the first and only open source conversational AI engine. However, there is more than “just” open source – Jenny is the outcome of a distinctive technology. The ability for bots to work on natural language is limited with data quality, Jenny mixes rule-based with Machine Learning-based pattern recognition for a system that improves with usage. Sounds tricky? It isn’t. Jenny’s approach enables even the least technical person to integrate the AI to their system. You don’t need to have a PhD to gain benefits from conversational computing anymore.

Behind a bot that speaks 50 languages is naturally an international startup team, with members coming from very different ends of the world. The team combines a range of different and interesting personalities from a 27-year-old punk rocker to a 45-year-old nuclear physicist. And experience from both ends of the startup grind spectrum. What keeps the versatile team together is their drive to deliver promises while having smiles on their faces, and their shared vision of working hard towards the dream. These guys have the simple goal of being the very best technology for conversational computing.


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