A toolbox to unlock customer thinking

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a system that would tell you exactly what your customers were thinking? A software tool that turns your customer experience into direct sales through every touchpoint? For the guys of Feedbackly, this is not just a play of the imagery – it is a reality they made that will revolutionize the way businesses collect and manage customer feedback and data. You know, it’s no secret that a happy customer brings in happier sales. And Feedbackly has taken that insight to heart. They created an automated data collection tool that drives actionable sales throughout the whole customer journey – from one dashboard.

It all started out with a hint of youthful rebellion and spunk. They were just a bunch of University students with no idea of how to get started, just the clear insight of what needed to be done. There was something horribly wrong with how companies saw their customers and communicated with them. Even though none of the team members really had any specific skills on the needed areas, they knew what they were after. They knew that they needed to shake the current status quo. So, they drew straws (literally) on who was going to do what, learned their ropes, pushed for excellence, and managed to create something unprecedented. Now the students, who simply had balls to dream bigger, are building a global partner network. They’re in it for world-class scaling – nothing less. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how success is made. “Working with Flux has been easy. They have been there whenever we needed them – and that is the most important aspect for us.” –Jaakko Männistö, Feedbackly


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