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It was just another evening out with the guys. Alexander and Miikka were travelling home with friends, just chatting about Teslas and how they could get one to share with the gang. After the night however, the idea of sharing a car started brewing and the guys soon began bouncing back an idea of a service to share your car with everyone – without keys, just by using a mobile phone. They decided to bring the idea into life. Being total rookie entrepreneurs, the first steps of the startup were challenging. The Faraday team spent countless hours to get their business model working. But with a clear vision and potential to solve a great problem, they pushed through and developed their own system for the future of car sharing.

There has not been an easy and convenient way to share your car. Now, Faraday provides technology that enables anyone to share any type of car with their mobile phone, in just a second. The technology can be installed in under 2 min, safe and sound. Afterwards the car can be located and opened with your phone. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. With a customized mobile app to reserve and open vehicles, locally installed hardware, and optional features including the ability to securely rent vehicles for profit, Faraday has created a solution that’s built to please – and is taking over the startup scene.


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