Analytics Cloud

Speed and flexibility to face the unknown

A while ago, it was just two guys working in a well-known international IT consultancy together. At the time, they got an inside view to a fast-growing problem – a problem that dangers productivity and slows down the growth of even the leading companies in the world. They found that companies have access to a vast mass of data, but huge problems to use that data in their business. The only way to do that is to invest heavily in consulting services and technology – an operation that tends to grow out from budget. In addition, the time from tenders to business benefits is measured in years. The companies that cannot afford that, do nothing and lose business. The two founders of Analytics Cloud realised that they couldn’t accept this anymore. They decided to break traditional industry rules and solve the problem by taking purely customer point of view.

Analytics Cloud and its unique service model named Discovery Analytics Service was founded by two determined professionals. With this service, it is now possible to start a journey towards industrial internet benefits fast without sizable risks. The service includes everything that is needed from data capture and integration to analytics and visualisation. Analytics Cloud offers technology and tools, team of experts and service model to run full service – with monthly fee and no investments are needed. Analytics Cloud has been selected to Tekes Young Innovative Companies growth funding program.


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